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How to live well with acne?

Dr Isabelle Baratte our expert dermatologist answers all your questions about acne.

1-What should I do with a pimple that hurts?

If it hurts, it means that there is an inflammation. First, you shouldn’t touch it or try to pop it, since it would only make the pimple both more visible and more inflamed. Now, two things: either the pimple is red, painful, and does not present a white head, and in this case, you can apply a pimple zapper from the pharmacy, that can make it disappear in one or two days. Or, the pimple is painful and does have a white head, and then you can cleanly drain it with two cotton pads and then apply a non-aggressive disinfectant. You can then add a special acne cream with soothing properties.


2-How can I make pimple marks disappear?

Pimple marks are red marks from recent pimples and will disappear by themselves after a few weeks, unless you expose them to the sun in which case, they can turn brown. Therefore, it is important you protect your pimple marks with sun cream. By the way, there are sun creams specially formulated to suit acne-prone skin.

Scars are different, they are either hollowed-out or protruding marks which are permanent. However, you can reduce them with skin treatments such as peeling, lasers or dermabrasion. If you have such marks, you should consult a dermatologist. It is also important to know that the treatment for scars can only begin once the acne has completely healed.


3-Does toothpaste really work on pimples?

Well, toothpaste on pimples is an old myth that does not rely on anything scientifically proven. As I would say for all these fanciful methods, such as using lemon, or garlic, I would recommend avoiding them.


4-Can I use foundation with acne?

Yes, you can wear foundation if you have acne to hide your pimples, provided that you always thoroughly remove all your make-up at night, before going to bed. It’s best to avoid long-lasting and high-covering foundations that could clog-up your pores. You should rather go with a tinted moisturizer. Personally, I am not against make-up on acne-prone skins since it can allow people to concentrate on something else and not want to touch their pimples all day, while waiting for their treatment to work.


5-What is the right routine to adopt with acne?

First of all, and most importantly, you should wash your face daily with a product adapted to oily and acne-prone skin. Even if acne is mostly caused by hormones and having pimples does not mean that you don’t wash your face properly, a daily clean up remains absolutely essential!

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