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Léonie’s Extraordinary Trip

5-year-old Léonie saw her biggest wish come true this summer: she visited the set of the TV show Heartland and met all her favourite actors! The partnership between NAOS and the Children’s Wish Foundation, which helps grant the wishes of children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, made the little girl’s wish come true.

Léonie’s Story

Despite her big smile and sparkling eyes, Léonie is not exactly like other children her age. When she was 3 years old, she was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, a kind of kidney cancer that particularly affects young children.

Her mother, Patricia Chagnon, describes Léonie as being calm, funny, affectionate and above all, very brave. I didn’t want to scare her by explaining what was going to happen regarding treatments, explains Mrs. Chagnon. So, I told her that Gargamel had put mean Smurfs in her body and that they needed to be removed. Learning that Léonie was sick was very hard on the whole family,’ remembers the little girl’s mother.


A Long-Awaited Dream

It was at Saint-Justine Children’s Hospital, where Léonie was being treated, that Mrs. Chagnon found out about Children’s Wish. ’I didn’t know the foundation at all, but I found the concept amazing!’ she remembers.

However, Mrs. Chagnon said she wanted to wait a little bit before asking Léonie to pick a wish, thinking that, growing up, the little girl would probably change her mind. ’In the end, she never changed her mind! Mrs. Chagnon explains. From the beginning, she knew her wish was to go to Heartland!’


The fulfilling of the wish

On the D-Day everyone was there!

Léonie, surrounded by her whole family


“It was a great trip! We went to Banff for the first few nights, and then we went to Calgary, to the hotel that Children’s Wish had booked for us. We were greeted like kings!” Mrs. Chagnon remembers.

The climax of the trip: when Léonie and her whole family got to attend Heartland’s filming!

Children’s Wish had hired a translator so that the family could communicate smoothly with the actors and everyone on set. Léonie and her family spent the day on the filming location, and they even witnessed first-hand the first shots of season 13!

Léonie and her family on Heartland’s set


When Léonie arrived on set, she had been watching the show so much that it was just as if she already knew everybody!’ remembers her mother.

Léonie even got to spend time with her favourite character on the show, Amy, interpreted by Canadian actress, Amber Marshall.

Amber Marshall and Léonie


And the dream goes on

Several months after, Léonie still thinks about her wish.

Since we got back, she’s been speaking non-stop about it! Explains Léonie’s mother. She wants to go back there; she’s always asking me when we would be going back!

According to her mother, Léonie keeps watching Heartland on TV assiduously, while remembering the good times she spent on set surrounded by her favourite actors and her whole family.


NAOS’s commitment

The Heroes Challenge 2019


NAOS did everything in its power to allow Léonie to fulfill her wish, notably by taking part in the Heroes Challenge!

During this day in February of 2019, the team of NAOS’s employees took on an array of intellectual and physical challenges, to raise the funds to help Léonie have her wish come true!

In addition to punctual operations, Bioderma has donated a portion of its profits to the Foundation throughout 2019. For each Atoderm Shower Oil or Atoderm Intensive Balm sold, one dollar is automatically given to the Children’s Wish Foundation!


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Children's Wish Foundation

5-year-old Léonie saw her biggest wish come true this summer: she visited the set of the TV show Heartland and…

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