Winter Care

Your Atoderm Winter Routine

As the temperatures drop lower and lower, our skin becomes more fragile as a protective barrier. As a result, the skin can become dyer, uncomfortable and itchy.

Thanks to its dermo-patented formulas, our Atoderm range contributes to restore the hydrolipidic film of dehydrated skin and will help your whole family face the cold!

Discover our Atoderm routine, for an intensely hydrated skin, even during wintertime!


1 – I cleanse


I get hydration right from the shower with Atoderm Cleansing Oil! Perfect to cleanse and hydrate the face and body, the Oil has a smooth and silky texture, for a satin-finish on the skin.

Atoderm Cleansing Oil cleanses and soothes the skin while preserving skin’s hydration for up to 24hrs hydration! *

* Dermscan hydration test, 2015, 11 volunteers, application for 28 days 


  •  ultra nourishing
  • anti-irritation caused by dryness
  • cleanses, restores the skin’s lipids and soothes.


2 – I nourish


Then, on a clean and dry skin, I apply Atoderm Intensive Balm on my face and body to intensely and lastingly hydrate my dry skin!

Thanks to its exclusive Skin Barrier TherapyTM patent contained in the Atoderm Intensive Balm, the skin barrier is improved, and the skin is better protected against cutaneous irritations caused by dryness.


  • ultra-soothing
  • ultra-nourishing
  • a soothed, comfortable and more resistant skin


3 – I relieve

In case of minor or intense itching caused by dryness, I apply Atoderm SOS Spray, the anti-itching skincare, for an immediate relief sensation. Easy to apply, at any time during the day and/or the night, Atoderm SOS Spray relieves itchiness in 60 seconds*, for an efficacy lasting up to 6hrs!

* Satisfaction test, 118 volunteers, application for 21 days


  • Instant relief and comfort for dry skin
  • Long lasting efficacy
  • Milky and ultra-light texture


Why is it working ?

A fantastic duo

Thanks to our Skin Barrier Therapy Patent, combine our Atoderm Cleansing Oil and Atoderm Intensive Balm to improve your skin’s hydration by 93%! * While helping your skin improve its protective barrier function.

* Dermscan / 15 E 3610, 11 volunteers, application for 21 days


For the whole family

Women or men, baby, child or adult, our Atoderm range has been specifically formulated to take care of the skin of all the people you love!


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