25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY SENSIBIO H2O Respect Your Sensitive Skin

25 years by your side

Sensibio H2O, the iconic bottle.


These last 25 years spent by your side, being part of millions of women’s lives all  around the world, were also time spent building up our unique expertise. Time spent observing, studying, learning from you, in order to gain better knowledge of your sensitive skin – with its specific biology and dynamics. Ensuring respect of all skin types, everyday. That is the very core of Bioderma’s mission with Sensibio H2O, a micellar water at the forefront of technological innovation.


Removing make up is no longer enough

Changes in environmental conditions have a direct consequence on daily skin hygiene, which now takes on another dimension: fighting against pollution and its effects. Cleansing skin must prevent pollutants of all types from penetrating it, as they can damage skin’s natural barrier function. Cleaning is therefore a major concern in terms of limiting pollution’s biological effects, to avoid excessive sensitizing of the skin.


More than simple cleansing, Sensibio H2O is uncompromising on effectiveness and tolerance, and the 1st step that provides lasting care for skin. A cleanser that is specifically formulated for sensitive, skin’s daily hygiene, Sensibio H2O restores healthy-looking skin’s natural purity. Morning and evening, it soothes and cleans skin deeply, even the finest particulates, while respecting skin’s natural protective film. To neutralize skin pollutants, Sensibio H2O benefits from a unique art of formulation. Thanks to ecobiology, it contributes to allow the skin to better resist environmental stresses in the lasting way.


The secret formula for a healthy-looking skin. From the cleaning stage, Sensibio H2O :

  • Softly removes make-up thanks to its mild surfactant
  • Has a unique formula which contains skin-friendly elements
  • Relieves the skin from pollution : eliminates 98% of fine particles** and 78% of heavy metals***
  • Respects the skin’s natural barrier
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Provides an instant feeling of freshness
  • Leaves no sticky or oily film


A few tips:

  • Use our micellar water every morning and night, on a daily basis
  • On a cotton pad, apply a few drops of Sensibio H2O
  • Delicately cleanse away first the area around your eyes, then the rest of your face
  • Carry on until the cotton pad comes out clear
  • You may also wipe your face with a clean towel


** Clinical evaluation of the cleaning effect against particles simulating air pollution of Sensibio H20, carried out on 10 volunteers, Dermscan report (STb17038), January 2018
*** Evaluation of the cleansing power of Sensibio H2O against heavy metals (STb17042) – March 2018


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