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6 practical tips for applying Atoderm Intensive Balm

The application of moisturizer is (or should be) part of the daily routine of everyone with dry skin. At first sight, nothing could be simpler… Yet, in practice, many questions arise about this essential care, which is not always well respected. Here are a few easy practical tips to apply your moisturizer correctly, so that you get the most out of its benefits!

1. Where should I apply Atoderm Intensive Balm?

The answer is: everywhere! A mistake most people make is they only apply their moisturizer to the dryer areas of their bodies! What you should do, in reality, is to apply your emollient everywhere on your body, as well as on your face, every single day, to ensure better results!


2. How do I know which quantity to apply on my skin?

Luckily for you, Bioderma developed the 3.6.9 Method: a simple way to evaluate the amount of moisturizer needed depending on people’s age and corpulence!

It goes as follows:

  • 3 pumps for a baby (3 x 2ml)
  • 6 pumps for a child (6 x 2ml)
  • 9 pumps for an adult (9 x 2ml)
  • Ideally this should be repeated twice a day



3. How do I apply my moisturizer?

The correct gestures depend on a person’s age and corpulence!


  • For a baby, 3 pressures: apply the cream in small dabs to spread evenly over the body, then massage gently. Little tip: it can become a moment of hugging and relaxation for you and your little one!


  • For a child, 6 pressures. Little tip to make the whole
    process easier for your kid: play the game of the Ladybug and the Zebra!

It goes as follows: for small areas, apply the cream ladybug-style,

drawing dots before spreading. And for arms and legs, apply the cream by drawing long stripes, similar to a zebra’s stripes, before massaging and spreading it.

The idea is to involve the child who will become an actor in his skin care and become more autonomous, while having fun.

  • For an adult, 9 pressures, to be applied evenly on your whole body and face! No application method in particular, yet you can still apply your moisturizer following the Ladybug and Zebra method if you feel like it 😉.


 4. When is the best time to apply Atoderm Intensive Balm?

The right frequency would be every day, ideally twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

It is up to everyone to create their own ritual to help anchor habits: in the room or bathroom, on the bed or changing table, playing, singing, listening to music, reciting a nursery rhyme… totally up to you!


5. If I have to apply a dermo-corticoid, do I apply it before or after applying my moisturizer?

If you have to apply a dermo-corticoid, it probably means you suffer from a skin issue such as eczema or atopic dermatitis. As a consequence of eczema, any emollient applied on a red or itchy area may sting. This does not mean that you have to change the emollient, it simply means that the skin also needs a dermo-corticoid.

This raises the question of mixing the emollient and dermo-corticoid or applying them separately. In fact, it doesn’t matter, as long as the gesture is easy and practical for you. The application can be done in one go, or separately.

For example, it is possible to apply the moisturizer to the entire body and face and immediately add dermo-corticoid to eczema-affected areas. Once the redness and the scratching have disappeared, it is essential to continue to apply the moisturizing cream alone to the entire body every day to prevent future flare-ups.


6. Do I have to take a shower before applying my hydrating cream?

It is true that the application of a moisturizer is often easier on slightly damp skin.

The shower itself is an important moment because the hygiene product used must be chosen carefully.

For a dry skin, it must be soap-free since it dries out the skin, which far from ideal when you have dry skin already. Nowadays, washing oils are the softest options you can find on the market.

Moreover, it is okay to bathe or shower only every 2 days, especially in the winter. However, you should apply your moisturizer every day, even when you’re going shower-free!

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