Hydrabio Cream

Velvety, rich face cream that provides that provides skin with deep hydration and visible radiance.

Daily skincare

Dry to very dry, sensitive skin Dehydrated sensitive skin

Aquagenium™ patent


For whom?

Adults, Teens


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Proven efficacy

Hydrating efficacy: 8h.*

  • Moisturizes and nourishes
  • Visibly smoothes
  • Provides radiant appearance
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and comforted
  • Very good tolerance - Non-comedogenic - Excellent makeup base - Light fragrance
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    All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health lastingly.

    Hydrabio Cream, with the patented biological complex Aquagenium™, generates hydration, immediately and lastingly. It targets the skin's natural moisturizing capacities.

    The rich and creamy texture of Hydrabio Cream nourishes the skin.

    Salicylic acid equalises and smoothes the skin's surface, which promotes radiance.

    Vitamin E targets cutaneous aging and provides antioxidant properties.


    Morning and/or evening

    • Step 1 Apply Hydrabio Cream onto the face and neck.
    • Step 2 Gently massage until fully absorbed.

    Eco-design of our products: We work daily on the improvement of our products to minimise their environmental impact: Most of our products are made of 100% recyclable plastic. All our outerboxes are 100% recyclable and made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Sorting instructions: Please refer to local sorting instructions to recycle your product the most properly

    The skin acts as its own dynamic ecosystem, constantly interacting with its external environment. By coming into contact with potential aggressors, the skin's biological mechanisms may alter and lead to skin dehydration. As a result, dehydrated skin may appear dull and lose its visible suppleness and elasticity.

    Tested under dermatological control

    Hydrated skin: 91% (1)

    Nourished skin: 78% (1)

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    Hydrating efficacy: 8h (2)

    Reveals skins radiance
    Boosts radiance skin: 74% (1)

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    This product has been formulated according to the ecobiological approach of the NAOS Laboratories to take care of you. At the heart of this product :

    Water and lipids are essential components of the skin, enabling it to remain hydrated. In the event of an imbalance, the skin becomes dehydrated and no longer works properly. This patented complex targets skin lipids and aquaporins. This patent by NAOS Research was designed in Aix-en-Provence and developed in our laboratories.

    External stress can make the skin reactive and sensitive. This patented complex contributes to increase the skin’s tolerance threshold – regardless of the skin type – to help strengthen its resistance. This patent by NAOS Research was designed in Aix-en-Provence and developed in our laboratories.

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