Embrace Your Skin

Find out which Bioderma routine is made for you!

Normal, dry, combination, oily….?  Knowing your skin type is essential so that you can properly (and efficiently) take care of your skin! Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, Bioderma has got you covered!


Understanding your skin type and recognize visible signs of aggression

We don’t thank our skin nearly as much as we should! Day after day, our skin acts as a powerful protecting barrier. So that it can fight external aggression, the skin is covered in what is called a hydrolipidic film, composed of sebum and water. This film allows to limit water evaporation on the surface of the skin, directly influencing its external aspect. In a nutshell, its is both the quantity and the quality of this hydrolipidic film that determines your skin type.

A very important thing to remember: your skin type will stay the same your whole life!

External aggressions can alter your skin’s appearance. Your skin can become dryer, sensitive, allergic, dehydrated… Some of these changes can be permanent, whereas others only temporary!

1- For sensitive skin: adopt the Sensibio routine!


Sensitive skin is a temporary state that can affect all skin types. When the skin’s barrier is altered, dehydration is more likely to occur, and allergens can penetrate the skin more easily. The result? Visible redness can appear on the surface of your skin. Signs of a dry sensitive skin are legion: redness, tightness, heat sensations, …

What does your skin need?

Lead a double action: « tolerance and hydration »:

  1. To soothe your skin while improving its tolerance threshold.
  2. To help restore the skin natural’s barrier function to limit allergen penetration.


Bioderma offers a range dedicated to dry sensitive skin, Sensibio, with 2 patented complexes targeting 2 particular states of sensitive skin. The Toléridine™ patent helps to improve the skin’s tolerance threshold while the Rosactiv™ patent contributes to visibly reduce the appearance of redness while providing comfort and radiance to your skin!

2- For dehydrated sensitive skin: choose Hydrabio!


All skin types can struggle with dehydration. The causes are multiple and diverse: the wind, pollution, UV rays, tobacco, alcohol, stress, tiredness…

Deprived of water, the superior layer of the skin is more vulnerable and doesn’t properly maintain its protective barrier function. Then, water evaporation can get worse and the first visible signs of dehydration start to show: fine lines, tightness, and a dull complexion…

What does your skin need?

A three-step routine:

  1. Put the brakes on water evaporation and improve the skin’s barrier
  2. Boost skin’s hydration by ensuring proper water circulation
  3. Take care of your complexion by bringing its radiance back.


The Hydrabio range is specially dedicated to dehydrated skin: thanks to the Aquagenium™ patent, made with an apple seed extract, the skin is hydrated, comfortable, smooth, and visibly radiant, for a long time!

3- For combination to oily skin: the Sébium range is made for you!

Combination to oily skin stems from an excessive sebum production: on the whole face for oily skin types, or located on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) for combination skin. More sebum means a thicker protective film and less sensitivity to external aggression or even stress. Combination to oily skin is characterised by a shiny T-Zone (or sometimes the whole face), a dull complexion, visibly dilated pores and sometimes black heads and pimples.

What does your skin need?

To adopt a multi-level strategy:

1: It is crucial to adopt the right reflexes: such as cleaning your face everyday with an adapted cleanser, to purify your skin without dehydrating it.

2: In the meantime, visibly refine skin texture and bring radiance back to your complexion, while limiting the apparition of irregularities.


Bioderma developed the Sébium range, specially designed for combination to oily skin. The patented Fluidactiv™ directly targets sebum quality and helps to visibly reduce irregularities for combination to oily skin. Unified, hydrated and mattified, the skin is back to being radiant again!


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