Your choices deserve respect, your skin too!

For the 25th anniversary of Sensibio H2O, we want to pay tribute to women that inspire us every day. 

At Bioderma, we celebrate all women regardless of their age, origin, beliefs or history. We are proud to stand by you and respect your choices, today and every day. 

Discover inspiring women, who live completely different lives, but share the same ally to take care of their skin: Sensibio H2O.


A bicycle messenger


Charlotte, a young woman from London, has made a radical choice: a bike she would ride, take it or leave it! She works as a bicycle messenger and, for her, defying bad weather and urban traffic is just part of her everyday life. Nothing can stop her!

Her bike is the most important thing in Charlotte’s life. She chose her job because of this, because it gives her that ‘shot’ of energy, a feeling of freedom. Once mounted on the saddle, nothing exists outside of her and her bike – and the fleeting, meandering miles of roads going across London City.

Charlotte is conscientious and respectful about her job. She insists on saying that, whatever your gender, looks or country of origin, “if you do a good job, the rest doesn’t matter, and I like that”. She remarks, however, that female couriers in town are a rarity.

Being a bicycle messenger is no easy task, though. Day after day, Charlotte is confronted with whimsical weather conditions (so British!), a hazardous traffic and the continual hostility of pedestrians and drivers alike. With a bitter smile, she told us, for example, that not a single day goes by without her being shouted at because of her body. Unpleasant remarks from passers-by or car drivers add up a still heavier emotional load to her job, the latter being already quite demanding, physically. “In a day, many things can go sour”. And that excludes the dangers of the road itself.

This aspect of her job is, indeed, what makes her close family and friends so worried about her. But she tries to take it easy, and even makes fun of the situation: “Today, I was nearly run over by two trucks… just the usual stuff!” Yet, her parents rarely find that funny at all. And although her own kin doesn’t understand what drives her along in this career choice, she feels considered and respected by them, and knows that in the end, they are happy to see her do what really thrills her. “Everybody makes choices that affect their lives”, Charlotte told us. And as for herself, she’s made her own.

One thing is certain: nothing can discourage the young courier, nobody can deviate her from her course! Her sense of duty, her commitment to her job, are unwavering. In the face of adversity, under heavy rain or a scorching sun, a young woman can be seen zigzagging on her bike amidst the cars and red buses…


What about her skin?

After a long and busy day, a shower is all that Charlotte wants! Fine particles of pollution accumulate on her skin and, combined with perspiration, those can damage her skin. SensibioH2O eliminates 98% of fine particles. Our micellar water cleanses the skin and protects it from exterior aggressions, day after day.




A cellist, designer and tattoo artist

In Geneva, we met 28-year-old Tina, a multi-faceted artist. With a soul for drawing and design, for tattooing and for the cello, Tina chose to live her life day by day, according to her many passions.

Tina opened the doors of her workshop for us. Here she gives vent to her creativity, as her drawings exhibited on the wall clearly show. Here she also devotes herself to the art of tattooing. The young Sino-Swiss artist opens her heart to us as the interview goes on, and joyfully skips from design to tattooing, from tattooing to playing the cello, from the cello to engraving, etc.

As a child already, she would do a drawing every day, based on any significant event that might have happened during the day. Encouraged by her mother whom she nicknames her “tiger-mum”, she decided to fully develop her diverse skills, and started to draw, play music, etc. At the age of 16, Tina told us, she “rebelled” and completely stopped drawing and playing music. Only 4 years later did she realize that she had given up on priceless skills, and from then onwards, decided to befriend her bow and pencil again.


Three years ago, she came back from a trip to Bali and Berlin with a new passion: tattooing. To her, this form of art is first and foremost, a way to mark or freeze a moment in one’s life, as is the case with drawing. She has great interest in her newly-discovered craft – even though, at first, her mother looked rather unfavorably on it. But with the benefit of time and hindsight, the latter noticed how much her daughter’s art was esteemed, and eventually accepted her activity.


As of now, Tina has no intention to stop here! She is in the process of launching her own clothing brand. The young artist is also a fashion designer; she even won a medal at the Hyères international fashion festival (Southern France), in 2019. Her ambition and desire to create are limitless; but to her, freedom is paramount, there’s no room for pressure! She has beautiful projects in mind, and mainly listens to her instinct and desires. Definitely, Tina has made a choice: she will live day by day, and won’t hesitate to change her plans… after all, isn’t life full of surprises?



What about her skin?

Skin is something Tina knows very well. She literally works on it, as a tattooing artist. Taking care of it, respecting it, is an art in itself. Because we only have one skin, and it is unique.




A kickboxer, and HR assistant

This dynamic 21-year-old London girl, of mixed Barbadian and Jamaican origin, literally packs a punch! When she is not working as an HR assistant, Amani is just buzzing… around the ring! Respect has become her personal motto, and she has successfully reconciled her two jobs. With a smile, she swings into action!

First off, her story begins with her mother enrolling her (and her sister) in a karate school when she was only 8 years old, so that she might learn how to defend herself. She told us that she practiced this sport for two years, before her interest faded away. But then, at the age of 15, she discovered kickboxing — a sport that she chose herself. And she fell in love with it! To her, it soon became a tool for emancipation, reenergizing her body and releasing stress. She explained to us that, after she has put on her boxing gloves, all that matters is only: respect for her competitor, and self-discipline. When she enters the ring, Amani is often pushed to her limits, but she always stays in control of herself.

Her dream is to become a kickboxing instructor. She wants to make the martial art more appealing to women. Gradually, people’s perception of women in the playfield is changing. If only all women in the world were able to defend themselves, whether physically or socially, she says. But not only that. They should also be allowed to have the same dreams, and reach the same goals, as their male counterparts. Without being criticized nor held back.


What gets under her skin?

As any sportswoman worthy of that name, Amani has no fear of sweat. However, she is aware of the fact that perspiration is far from being inconsequential for her skin… and that annoys her. Indeed, as a result of sweating during sports, her skin pores are opened and therefore, are more likely to accumulate filth from her gloves. Cleansing her skin after sports is the best way to protect it, while providing a soothing sensation of coolness.


With a pH of 5,5 similar to that of the skin, SensibioH2O respects the skin’s natural barrier. The biomimetic structure of its cleansing micelles easily eliminates sweat and dust particles for a soothed and purified skin.



A sailor

Live each day as it comes, driven by wind and tide…


Amidst the waves and ocean spray, we met Anna, a happy and thriving 32-year-old German woman. She is renovating her father’s old regatta boat so that she may one day live on board, and dedicate her life to seafaring.


Here, she tells us about her life out at sea. To her, she says, sailing means “finding inner peace, a sort of balance”. It also means: searching for a special, even intimate connection with the sea environment.

Year after year, she chose to steer her life towards seafaring, towards freedom. A life dictated by her desire to fully live out her passion, and see how far that would take her. Her love for the sea was passed down to her by her father who also originally owned the boat. She never misses an opportunity to talk about him, her mentor and true master, who taught her how to sail, how to love Nature, and more generally (and metaphorically) speaking, how to chart her own course.

An adventurous life on a Caribbean-blue sea might sound dream-like… But Anna soon brings you back to your senses. Daily life on a boat is no picnic; she regularly has to face stressful situations, and in such instances, she must be going flat out if she wants to avoid a disaster… Anticipate the unexpected, always be on the look-out, and above all have trust in herself; things go so fast in those critical moments, when she is left alone with her own responsibility.

However, what makes her dream and thrill and helps her forget her hardships, is the absolute freedom that her way of life gives her. Freedom to sail from one part of the world to another, freedom to wake up one morning… and wave it all away. On a boat, she says, one must learn how to manage one’s life differently. Of course, there is very little room on board. It is necessary to make arrangements. But Anna is convinced of one thing: her life is worth the fight!


What impact on her skin?

The sea is what gives Anna a thrill… Her skin, however, needs special care to deal with all the different aggressions it’s going through.

A leave-in, easy-to-use product, Sensibio H2O is a perfect and reliable solution with its skin-friendly formula and mild surfactant, so efficient to cleanse away the skin’s impurities due to wind or sea-salt.

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