Winter Care

Your Hydrabio Routine

Perfect for sensitive dehydrated skin, the Hydrabio routine helps your skin stay well-hydrated and radiant throughout the day!


Hydrabio H2O: extra freshness

  When it comes to cleansers, no need to talk about our classic Sensibio H2O! But have you heard about its cousin, Hydrabio H2O? Formulated with the Aquagenium® patent and moisturizing active ingredients, this makeup remover cleanses your skin while providing instant and long-lasting hydration!


Hydrabio Serum: extra hydration

  Looking for a hydrating serum that will never let you down? Hydrabio Serum is your guy! It moisturizes your skin: +61% of hydration!*


* CIREC study Lb15004 – February 2015 – 10 volunteers with dry or moderately hydrated skin – 2 hours after the application of Hydrabio Serum.




Hydrabio Gel-Cream: the right texture for your skin

  To each skin type its texture. Dry to very dry sensitive skin? Try out our Hydrabio Cream or Sensibio Rich: both have the creamy, rich, yet non-greasy touch you need! Normal to oily sensitive skin? Go for the light texture of our Hydrabio Gel-Cream or Sensibio Light!

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