Discover the dermatological difference of Atoderm Cleansing Oil and Intensive Balm

Fall in love with our best-selling body duo, crafted with dermatological care to soothe and comfort dry and very dry sensitive skin. Recommended by dermatologists and leading national dermatology associations and suitable for the entire family.

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Your Atoderm Winter Routine

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Winter Care

6 practical tips for applying Atoderm Intensive Balm

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Comforting soothing care An ultra-nourishing and anti-irritating shower oil for very dry skin.

Its exclusive formula composed of plant-based biolipids, vitamin PP and the Skin Barrier TherapyⓇ patent calms the feelings of tightness while cleansing and increases the threshold of tolerance of the skin for a healthier and more resistant skin. Immediately, skin feels a sense of comfort and remains hydrated for 24 hours.

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