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Respect Your Sensitive Skin

Cleansing as the first step of skincare to target skin sensitivity By: Dr. Sandy Skotnicki

Let’s talk about skin sensitivity and skin barrier In patients with no associated condition, it is increasingly felt that our…

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#MASKNE - Irregularities under the mask?

#MASKNE, when wearing a mask causes irregularities It has become our daily life. Every day, tens of millions of people…

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The micellar technology in a rinse off formula, how does it work?

25 years ago, Bioderma invented micellar technology. By integrating micelles, fatty acid molecules that capture impurities like magnets, in highly…

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Your all-around cleanser SENSIBIO H2O

Iconic cleansing micellar water that effortlessly cleanses the skin to remove dirt, debris, pollution and makeup, while respecting sensitive skin.

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