Atoderm Intensive eye

3-in-1 soothing eye contour care for dry sensitive to atopic-prone eyelids : soothes, hydrates & restores, removes makeup

Daily skincare

Very dry, irritated to atopic sensitive eyelids

Skin barrier therapy™ patent


For whom?

For the entire family (with the exception of premature infants)


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Efficacy proven by clinical study

Itching sensation from dryness : -95%.*

  • Instantly soothes dryness and discomfort sensations
  • Helps to visibly reduce the appareance of redness
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin
  • Reinforces and lastingly protects the skin
  • Removes makeup and impurities and pollution particles
  • Visible decongesting effect
  • Good makeup base - Unfragranced - Paraben-free- Steroids-free - Alcohol-free - Very good skin tolerance - Very good eye tolerance - Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.
  • An innovative and simple ritual to limit the number of products and therefore ingredients as well as eyelid friction.
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    All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health lastingly.

    Atoderm Intensive Eye is the first 3-in-1 care product by BIODERMA that targets the symptoms of eyelid discomfort very dry sensitive eyelids:

    1. SOOTHES:
    - Enoxolone targets the factors involved in itching sensations caused by dryness, to soothe the skin in a lasting way.

    - The exclusive LipigeniumTM technology and hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the skin, forms a non-occlusive hydrating film. They retain water on the skin’s surface and thus acts as a water reservoir.
    - The patented Skin Barrier Therapy complex balances skin ecosystem to limit dryness

    - The combination of 3 oils removes makeup and impurities from the skin.

    Results: the skin ishydrated, soothed and strengthened. Its comfort is restored in a lasting way.


    Once or twice a day; Apply onto eyelids. In the morning as a care product. Can be used as makeup base. In the evening as a care product and/or makeup remover using a cotton pad. A GESTURE EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED FOR ATODERM INTENSIVE EYE: Completely innovative both in its 3-in-1 action and in its use during flare-ups and in remission, Atoderm Intensive eye introduces a new technique for use. Specifically created for this cleansing and care product, the new approach precisely meets the expectations of people suffering from eyelid irritation: one only product for many uses, avoiding to generate too many frictions & irritations. Atoderm Intensive eye can be used: as a care product to soothe, hydrate and restore skin, and/or as a cleanser/makeup remover to gently take away all impurities. Including Atoderm Intensive eye as part of an everyday skin routine guarantees respect for the eyelids.

      1- Pumping: Target the lymphatic system: do 3 successive pressures using the index, middle and ring fingers, positioned 1 cm from the base of the ears.
      2- Drainagee gesture: Move from the inner corner to the outer corner in a blotting pad move (apply the 3 fingers to the skin and open towards the outside of the face slowly). Then, smoothen slightly from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eyes. Repeat 3 times.
      3- Overall Drainage: gesture Do a final overall smoothing from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes, going down along the oval of the face towards the base of the neck.
    • Step 2 AS A DAILY CLEANSER/makeup REMOVER:
      1- Application: Apply small points of Atoderm Intensive eye on the upper eyelid.
      2- Cleansing: Spread the product over the entire eyelid & do a light circular massage.
      3- Cleansing: Spread it on the lashes from the base to the tip to remove mascara.
      4- Cotton pad step (only in remission): Wipe makeup away with a cotton pad, from the inner corner to the outer corner on the eyelids & from the base to the tip for the lashes.
    • Step 3 AS A DAILY CARE:
      1- Application: Apply a tiny rice-sized amount of product over the eyelids, from the lower inner corner to the upper inner corner of the eyes. The product should not be applied too close to the eyes (about 2cm).
      2- Drainage gesture: Then smoothen slightly outwards with the 3 central fingers. Repeat 3 times.

    Once or twice a daily

    • Step 1 Apply onto eyelids. Can be used after dermocorticoids.

    Do not rinse. Suitable for daily use alone or in combination with dermocorticosteroids. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. External use only. If skin dryness persists, consult a healthcare profesional

    Eco-design of our products: We work daily on the improvement of our products to minimise their environmental impact: Most of our products are made of 100% recyclable plastic. All our outerboxes are 100% recyclable and made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Sorting instructions: Please refer to local sorting instructions to recycle your product the most properly

    The skin of the eye contour area is particularly delicate: it is 3 to 4 times thinner than that of the rest of the face. The eyelids are therefore prone to discomfort. Eyelid irritation is characterised by the following symptoms: dryness, itching, visible redness.This irritation can be triggered and/or aggravated by: direct contact with irritants: application of unsuitable makeup, for example, contact with air: pollen, dust, contact with elements on hands: nail polish, nickel, fragrance, hair dye. Women are the most affected by eyelid irritation because they apply numerous products, and therefore ingredients, on this area (makeup, care and makeup remover), thus generating a lot of frictions that weaken the skin and can lead to a vicious circle. Eyelid irritation is very bothersome because of the discomfort it generates and the aesthetic complex it creates. It is therefore necessary to care for the eyelids by: choosing suitable products to soothe the skin and limiting the application of products and therefore ingredients on this delicate area.

    Results proven by clinical studies

    Leaves the skin immediately nourished : 91% (1)

    Removes makeup
    Leaves the skin clean and cleansed: 84% (1)
    Removes makeup from the skin: 80% (1)

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    Itching sensation from dryness : -95% (2)
    Tightness : - 92% (2)

    Reduces skin dryness
    Dryness : -89% (2)

    Hydration persists until after 24 hours (3)

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    This product has been formulated according to the ecobiological approach of the NAOS Laboratories to take care of you. At the heart of this product :

    This patented complex contributes to minimize dryness and to optimize the balance of the skin ecosystem. This patent by NAOS Research was designed in Aix-en-Provence and developed in our laboratories.

    The skin has a natural barrier function protecting it from the environment. In the event of dry skin, this barrier can no longer play its role. This technology helps optimize an effective skin barrier. This technology by NAOS Research was designed in Aix-en-Provence and developed in our laboratories.

    External stress can make the skin reactive and sensitive. This patented complex contributes to increase the skin’s tolerance threshold – regardless of the skin type – to help strengthen its resistance. This patent by NAOS Research was designed in Aix-en-Provence and developed in our laboratories.

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