Children's Wish Foundation

NAOS, partnering with the Children’s Wish Foundation

NAOS and its brands Bioderma and Esthederm are partners of the Children’s Wish Foundation, which helps make the wishes of thousands of seriously ill children come true.


The Foundation’s development specialist Nicolas Regnault discussed the partnership with us in more detail.

What can you tell us about the Children’s Wish Foundation?

Our mission is to help children, between the ages of 3 and 17, who suffer from a life-threatening illness, see their greatest wish come true. We’ve made over 26,000 wishes come true since our founding; that makes us the largest wish-fulfillment organization in Canada! On average, the foundation makes one wish per day come true in Quebec, and three per day nationwide.

NAOS has been our partner since 2015. The Bioderma brand donates a portion of its profits to the Foundation throughout the year. For each Atoderm Shower Oil or Atoderm Intensive Balm sold, one dollar is automatically donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Every dollar given to us is precious. It helps us continue our mission and make even more wishes come true!


How is NAOS involved in your Foundation?

Every year, 10 NAOS employees take part in our “Heroes Challenge”. On this day in February, the participating teams take on an array of athletic and mental challenges. The goal is to raise the funds to help a seriously ill child have his/her greatest wish come true.

The children sponsored by the companies join them on this exciting day. They take part in the challenges and award medals at the end. It’s truly a wonderful experience for them! Our goal is to create a real bond between the participating companies and the children they’re helping. 

Heroes Challenge – February 2019 


It’s also a way for us to give our partners a sense of our mission and allow them to come in direct contact with our cause. The employees get involved and start to fully grasp our mission. The bonds created are beautiful to see!

By participating in the Heroes Challenge this year, NAOS helped make the wish of five-year-old Léonie, who suffers from kidney cancer, come true. In July of 2019, she flew to Alberta with her family to meet the actors in her favourite series, Heartland.


How is NAOS helping to make children’s wishes come true?

In 2018, our partnership with NAOS helped us to raise more than $30,000, and NAOS’s participation in the Heroes Challenge helped make eight-year-old Naïka’s wish come true. Naïka suffers from a Wilms’ tumour which is a form of kidney cancer. Her wish was to go to Disney World with her whole family to meet her favourite characters.

A total of three wishes were fulfilled thanks to the partnership between NAOS and the Children’s Wish Foundation.


Could you explain to us how a child’s wish is granted?

If a child meets the criteria set by a medical board, they’re eligible. There is no waiting period, no random draw. The wish can be fulfilled right away or at the most convenient time for the family, like at the end of a treatment cycle. But it must be done before the child turns 18.

For the child, the wish is a cause for celebration, an opportunity to turn the page and face the future with a positive attitude. We use every means available to us to help the child’s wish come true. Especially since we’re convinced that making a wish come true has a significant and lasting impact on children and their families.

It’s a very particular experience that is lived before, during and after the wish is fulfilled. Knowing that their greatest wish will come true can help children withstand treatments that are often very harsh. And the parents and medical staff often use the wish as a therapeutic tool to encourage the child to be brave.

The Foundation was created in Montreal in 1984 and now counts over 5,000 volunteers across Canada, 400 of whom are in Quebec.

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