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Tolerance +

  • 26.90
  • 40 ml

A skin care cream to neutralize hypersensitivity of intolerant or allergic skin

Skin type: Sensitive to intolerant skin

Skin concerns: Intolerant or allergic

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In a few words

  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Preservative-free
  • Tested on allergic skin


Biological mode of action

  • Adults
  • Face

Born out of scientific innovation, Tolerance + targets the causes and effects of cutaneous hypersensitivity, in order to instantly restore, comfort and improving it day after day. Featuring the pro-tolerance D.A.F. complex, our dermatological treatment soothes discomfort and pulling sensations of 98% upon application, improving quality of life of 82% - as tested in our laboratories. It acts upstream to appease the skin and acts on permanent or intense signs that are linked with hypersensitivity. At the heart of its formula, the exclusive Neurocontrol™ Patent associated soothing agents which regulate the mechanisms hiding behind intolerance. Enriched with sodium, Sensibio Tolerance + intensely moisturizes your skin and fortifies its cutaneous barrier.

Usage recommendations

  • Morning
  • Evening
  • 7 days / week

Sensibio Tolerance + can be used once or twice a day, seven days a week. Start by cleansing your face and neck with a product from our Sensibio line. Apply Tolerance +. Our treatment may also be used as a makeup base.

Product description

At Bioderma, we listen to your sensitive skin. We know it easily loses moisture and, to break this cycle and treat unwanted reactions, we have created the Sensibio routine. It soothes skin that is prone to discomfort, burning and pulling sensations, diffuse or localized redness, dehydration as well as dryness. Sensibio adapts to the origin, severity and stage of your sensitivity while combining essential agents into textures that are enjoyable. It helps your skin to reinforce and hydate its natural barrier, no matter your lifestyle. For intolerant, allergic, hypersensitive or ultra reactive skin, we have created the Sensibio Tolerance + treatment. All of our products use the ideal dosage of specific active agents. Tolerance + goes even further: it uses only ingredients that are both necessary and present in your epidermis. Its minimalist, 100%-compatible formula contains only 15 ingredients, limiting the risks of intolerance. Our moisturizing cream has an intense effect, bottled up in an airless pump: it neutralizes cutaneous hypersensitivity on the face, while offering excellent tolerance. Its action lastingly improves the tolerance threshold of your skin while embracing its biology. Taking care of your skin and applying makeup will become pleasurable again. Tolerance + indeed makes for an excellent makeup base: its texture caresses your skin, penetrating quickly for soft and smooth results.

Biological patents

  • Neurocontrol™ Patent

    This technology combines a tetrapeptide (Acetyltetrapeptide-15), a cocktail of soothing ingredients (Rhamnose, Mannitol, Xylitol) as well as sodium PCA in order to decrease the excitability, and to regulate the mechanisms causing cutaneous intolerance. It acts upstream to appease the skin. It restores the skin barrier and offers optimal hydration

  • D.A.F.

    (Dermatological Advanced Formulation): With a seaweed extract and a combination of ingredients working in a mild, synergistic and complementary way, this technology helps to improve the tolerance threshold of the skin.



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